The Empire of the Iron Throne

The current age is that of the Empire of the Iron Throne – the result of an uneasy peace between the civilized races of the world.

The Iron Throne itself is housed in the massive city of Zanzuran in the Human region known as the Lowlands. This is a large expanse of relatively flat farmland, hills and light forests split by a small mountain range known as the Midspire Mountains.

Humans are the most prevalent race there though many other races can be found here in varying levels as commerce brings them to live or else just pass through as they sell wares or ply their trades.

By tradition adventuring is considered a noble pursuit within the civilized lands. After all it was a mixed band of adventurers that supposedly restored Light to the world. The edges of civilization are barely patrolled by the waning power of various states that make up the Empire and are rife with monsters and other dangers making them an ideal place for adventurers to earn fortune and glory.

The Empire of the Iron Throne

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